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Please Read! [May. 13th, 2010|11:56 pm]
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Terms & Conditions

How to order:

• Orders are strictly ONLY accepted through emails!
• Please email us at gracielyn-@hotmail.com to confirm an order in the following format:

Format of Order

Name (in full):

Item code/Colour/Quantity:

Mailing Address:

Postage: Normal/Registered

• We will send you a confirmation email as soon as possible.
• Orders are on a first come first serve basis, priority will be given to those who can confirm order and make payment immediately.
• Please be patient with us in replies and only send your order in once.

How to make a payment:

• We accept POSB/DBS/UOB/OCBC bank transfers
• I-banking would be advisable, however, if you use ATM transfer, please provide us with the details, including Date, Time, and Amount transferred in your order comment.
• We do not accept concealed cash.

Terms & Conditions:

• Orders are only accepted through emails at gracielyn-@hotmail.com
• Payment must be made within 2 days, if not item will be released to next buyer.
• Enquiries will be entertained through both comments and emails.
• However, please rest assured that inquiries/doubts will not be considered as confirmation
• Please do not simultaneously place confirmation for an item if you are merely clarifying a doubt.
• Buyers who back out/void the deal are blacklisted.
• All apparel/items are brand new & imported products
• Prices are exclusive of postage fees
• We do not do reservations/meet-ups
• Prices of items are not negotiable and postage will not be waived under any circumstances.
• No trades
• No haggling
• G.Lyn reserves the right to reject a transaction/customer without providing a valid reason
• G.Lyn also reserves the right to amend Terms & Conditions at any time

Postage details:

• Please add an additional $1 - $2 (where applicable) for normal postage fees
• Please add an additional $2.24 on top of normal postage fees when requesting for Reg. Post
• Items will be posted out immediately once payment is made. Once posted, we will send you an email to inform.
• SingPost normally takes 2-4 working days to post out items (excludes weekends/public holidays)
• We are not responsible for any items lost in transaction, but it is advisable to opt for Registered mail.


To be added on to our mailing list, leave a comment at our Mailing List page!
Please also leave a feedback for us or tell us you love us at our Testimonial page!

For confirmation orders, please email us directly at gracielyn-@hotmail.com
Thank you and hope you have fun shopping with us!

❤ G.Lyn

Where we suffer to be beautiful and believe beauty is in every girl.

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